House Extensions for Essential Extra Space

  1. Remodel your Space During a Home Extension

A good idea for house extensions is to reconfigure the existing space to make the most of it. Reconfiguring will help you create the ideal layout to maximize access, views, natural sunlight, privacy, and security.

Moving doors and knocking down walls to make space. Consider the layout of the entrance, central hallway designs that should lead to all main rooms, and the relationship of key spaces, such as the proximity between the dining area and kitchen.

  1. Consider a 2-Storey Extension

It is a smart idea to have two stories rather than one. If you want to get the best value for your money, it is worth stretching out more expensive foundations or roofs.

A single-storey structure can be extended by adding an extra floor. This is possible if the existing foundations or structures are adequate.

  1. Pick the Right Materials to Build Your House Extension

Another great option for home extensions is to choose a complementary yet contrasting style or to make the extension appear as though it has always existed. The former is much simpler to pull off.

You will have a bad addition if you go with the latter.

  1. Add a Sunroom or Conservatory Extension

The sunroom or conservatory is a good option for those looking for an inexpensive way to add to their house. You don’t need Planning Permission for smaller conservatories. They are also exempted from the Building Regulations. Because they are inexpensive, they are one of the most common home improvements.

A conservatory may have some disadvantages. To reduce energy loss, it needs to be separated from the house via external doors.

The sunroom can be added to your home. They are an extension with large amounts of glazing. However, they come with a conventional roof and an insulated wall. You can make the space accessible to the rest and control the temperature.

  1. When considering your house extension ideas, don’t forget about ceiling space

Tall ceilings can transform how a space feels. Larger rooms can feel more spacious and impressive because they can be accentuated by tall ceilings. The possibility of adding this feature is possible with an extension. It can be done either by digging to lower floor levels or by building up. This could be done in a two-storey extension. It may also result in a split floor on the first floor, which can add to the appeal.

There may be an option to build a vaulted, open-to-the-ridge ceiling where there is an extension under a pitched rooftop. You could instead of building a flat roof with no void above, install insulation within your pitched roof structure to create this feature.

  1. A Glazed Link makes a great house extension option for period homes

It can be particularly difficult to find an extension that will complement a period property when it comes to period homes. One solution is to build the new space in a separate building with sympathetic architecture,contemporary or traditional, and join it with a fully glazed walkway.

The walkway can be constructed with structural glazing to reduce its visual impact, while still preserving the original architecture. This is a popular choice for conservation officers. It can be used to link historic buildings.

  1. Fireplaces with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Many people are trying to reduce energy consumption by blocking open chimney flues. But there are still energy-efficient options that provide the comfort and features of real flames. These are great for any house extension idea.

Flueless , gas-fired fireplaces are 100% energy efficient. They don’t require any chimneys or flues. Traditional stoves and fireplaces are available as well as modern hole-in-the-wall designs.

The second choice is a room-sealed log burning stove. It connects to an internal source of air to prevent any draughts. These stoves are extremely efficient in energy and offer many innovative design options.

  1. Outdoor House Extension Ideas

Verandas, and covered outdoor spaces, provide places to sit or eat outside during warmer months.

One option is to choose a traditional design, such as a Loggia. Another option is to create a modern space with a flat projecting roof supported by slender posts made of steel.

  1. Pocket Doors Offer the Best of Both Worlds

If you are stuck between whether to create a new house extension or keep it open plan, sliding Pocket Doors can help you make the right decision. The appearance of a wall can be achieved by closing sliding flush doors, but they can be open and disappear within the wall.

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