All about Plumbing

We at Wilco Plumbing are your “family plumber” and we take your plumbing problems seriously. We also appreciate the clever and funny things that happen in the plumbing industry.

The history of great plumbing companies is often interesting and full of surprising facts that you didn’t know. These fun facts about plumbing are sure to make your day!

History About Plumbing

The Minoan palace at Knossos, on the island of Crete, had 4 drainage systems in 1700 B.C. These drains led to the great stone sewers.

Sennacherib, an Assyrian king, created a 10-mile-long canal in 705 B.C. It included 18 freshwater courses from the mountains, two dams, water diversion, and a chain canal.

The first sewers in Rome were constructed in 800 B.C.

Sir John Harrington, an inventor of a new “washout” closet in 1596, was inspired by the drainage principle used on Crete.

JF Brondel invented the flush-type valve toilet in 1738.

It also housed eight water closets that were built by Isaiah Rogers.

England’s 1948 nation Public Health Act was passed. It became a standard plumbing code that the rest of the world could follow.

American Joseph Gayetty invented the first package of toilet paper in 1857. It was called Gayettys’s Medical Paper.

George Jennings, a popular 1858 inventor of public lavatories, introduced them to the world.


You’re losing a gallon of water every week if the leak drips two times per minute.

About one out of 300 homes may have a minor leak.

A leaking faucet that drips once per second per day is estimated to waste around 30 liters of water each day, which would roughly equal 10950 liters per annum from one leaky faucet.

Toilets and Pipes

Copper pipes can be recycled 100% and are naturally antibacterial.

Insulating your pipes in your home can reduce heat loss as water flows from your heater to your faucet.

John Harrington invent the flushing toilet in 1596. This is why we call it “the John.” Thomas Crapper also helped to increase its popularity.

A “ballcock”, which regulates the flow of water, is a floating mechanism found in the toilet’s water tank.

Around 75% prefer the toilet paper flap to be flipped down.

Japan’s toilets include heated seats, soothing music, and TVs to keep you entertained.

It is located in China and is the oldest toilet still intact in one piece in the world.

On average, a person uses the toilet 6-7 times per day.

King George II of Great Britain was killed in 1760 after he fell from a toilet.

Installing a slow flushing toilet could help you save as much as 18,000 gallons per year. This is quite a lot of water considering that a leaking faucet can lead to a loss of over 3,000 gallons per year.

The International Space Station is home to the most expensive toilet in all of the world. The toilet, which costs $19 million, not only holds astronauts in place but also converts waste from the toilet into water.

Contrary to popular belief the water that flows from your toilet doesn’t turn the other way when it’s south of the Equator. The direction of water flow is determined by the way that the pipes in the toilet were constructed. It can also spin any way it wants, anywhere on the planet.

The Origin of Plumber

The Latin word for “plumber”, which means “lead,” is the Latin word for “plumbum”.

Mario and Luigi from the video game Super Mario Brothers, are plumbers. Mario is widely recognized as the most well-known video game character.

Richard Nixon used “plumbers”, a code name for agents he used in order to stop intelligence leaks from the White House.

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